Virtual ECU

Virtual ECU !

Virtual ECU is a continuing effort of both Dr. Tabrizi and his students. Its focus is:
- To create an effective learning environment for the students
- To build a usable system to serve everyone
- To bring the educational experience of East Carolina University to the Web


Courses taught by Dr. Tabrizi

SENG 6235 - Software Project Management - Fall 2014

SENG 6240 - Software Architecture & Design - Fall 2014

SENG 6230 - Software Engineering Foundations - Spring 2015

SENG 6260 - Software Metrics and Quality Management - Spring 2015

Research Topics

Innovations Lab

Below is a list of some of the technology development areas, either currently or previously under design, in Dr. Tabrizi's lab.

- Software Engineering Remote Lab Design & Delivery
- Electronic Record Management System
- Comprehensive Assessment Management System
- Heterogeneous Database Design
- IPV4/IPV6 Network Design
- PDA Based Learning Evaluation Tool
- Genetically Evolved Adaptive Neural Flight Controller
- Wireless & Mobile Communications
- Medical Imaging and Informatics
- Allied Health Interface Overlay